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If you are a frequent Tiktok user and your Tiktok profile has good viewership, maybe this is the time to get verified on Tiktok and take your game to the next level. Once you know how to request verification on Tiktok and get your badge, we assure you that your visibility online will boost up to double! A Tiktok verification badge will help you get into the higher Tiktok circle and will open your account to a lot more opportunities to grow and get credible online! We at Social Media Verification Agency provide exclusive Tiktok verification services to help you make your account verified. In the past few years, you must have noticed that Tiktok has grown a lot, and that’s what makes getting verified more important! If you are looking for how to get Tiktok verified, you have landed at the right place! Let us tell you everything you need to know to buy a Tiktok verification badge!

The Best Place To Learn How To Be Verified on Tiktok!

We like to keep things open to our clients. Hence, we make sure that along with helping you get the Tiktok blue tick verification, we also guide you on how to get blue check on Tiktok, so you know it all!

Tiktok Verification Requirements

Just like any other social media, getting a verification badge on Tiktok comes with a few requirements that make you eligible for getting that coveted blue badge next to your username. Here, let us walk you through that!

Verified Social Media

Before you get into learning how to be verified on Tiktok, you must know that Tiktok only allows verification if you have a verification badge on any other social media. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, a verification badge of any one of these is a pre-requisite for getting one on Tiktok. If you don’t have that, don’t worry, we are here for you!


As per the Tiktok verification requirements, you have to be featured in at least 8 news articles on the web to prove your notability. If this scares you, there’s nothing to worry about because we will provide you with that press coverage!


Are you sure you have an authentic Tiktok account? Let us assess that for you and get started with the process of getting you verified for Tiktok!

How Do You Get Verified on Tiktok?

When it comes to how to get Tiktok verified, it is a little different than other social media platforms because Tiktok has different eligibility standards and rules. For this, you need a professional Tiktok verification agency, and well, what’s better than your very own Social Media Verification Agency? We are here to provide you with an amazing Tiktok verification service with a guarantee of getting you the blue badge!

Why Are We The Ideal Choice To Get Verified on Tiktok?

Choosing our Tiktok verification agency is probably the best decision for you to get your Tiktok account verified because of the following reasons;

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Unlike any other agency, our Tiktok verification service provides you with a 100% guarantee of getting your blue tick right beside your username on Tiktok. Moreover, our team of experts follows the right protocol and rules mentioned by Tiktok to make sure that your blue tick remains intact in the long run.
With our services, you will soon have a Tiktok blue tick verification that will help you increase your online recognition and claim your user profile as authentic. Even more so, with our press coverage, you will soon gain the popularity you need!
Money matters. And especially when you are getting a digital service, you must expect results that are worth the money you spend on it. We got you covered with that. Not only will we provide you with worthwhile results, but also our packages are quite affordable for you!

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